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Awards and Presentations

Award winners on stage at London Health Research Day

The Lucille & Norton Wolf LHRD Trainee Publication Awards

Thanks to the generosity of the Bernard & Norton Wolf Family Foundation, and the personal interest of Lucille and Norton Wolf, The Lucille & Norton Wolf London Health Research Day Trainee Publication Awards were created to recognize outstanding research discoveries by graduate trainees and postdoctoral scholars. They are announced and handed out at London Health Research Day. 

Up to four awards are provided to the top-scoring trainee peer-reviewed publications that have appeared in press. Cash awards are given in the amount of $1,000 for each of the prizes awarded.

Note: You must submit a separate application for The Lucille & Norton Wolf LHRD Trainee Publication Awards.  Only those participating in London Health Research Day 2020 through a poster or feature platform presentation are eligible.

View the submission criteria for The Lucille & Norton Wolf LHRD Trainee Publication Awards.

Feature Platform Presentations

London Health Research Day recognizes research excellence in graduate students, trainees, clinical fellows and postdoctoral scholars. Participants with the top ranked abstracts are invited to provide an oral presentation at the LHRD event.

Platform presentation awards are given to first and second place presenters in each seminar room. Presentations are evaluated by a panel of three judges for criteria including content, interpretation and response to research questions, and presentation mechanics. First place winners are awarded a cash award in the amount of $400 while second place winners are awarded a cash award in the amount of $200.


Poster Presentations 

Based on scores from the written abstracts, up to 400 participants are invited to provide a poster presentation at London Health Research Day, during either the morning or afternoon session. Presenters are expected to give a 2-3 minute overview of their research and answer questions posed to them by visitors to their posters. Visitors are encouraged to provide feedback on both the prepared poster and presentation. 

Following selection of feature platform presentations (40 abstracts), the next strongest abstracts (no more than 150) will be selected  to give an evaluated poster presentation. Up to three judges will evaluate each poster selected for evaluations for criteria including content, appearance, presentation and communication. Prizes will be awarded to the top-scoring posters. Winners will receive a cash award in the amount of $200.

For more information on submitting an abstract to LHRD, please visit the Participant Information page

Past Presentations